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"Our group thoroughly enjoyed the focus group training. You made it fun, and everyone had positive things to say about our two days with you and what we learned."

"The group and I wanted to thank you for leading us through such an insightful and well-tailored workshop...I really think you helped us to wring as much knowledge from that short time as was feasible."

"Thank you for your guidance and expertise. We all left the training very excited about the possibilities. I had a meeting this morning with my VP and raved about the training."

Margaret Roller offers qualitative workshops, training, and instruction that are dedicated to achieving each organization's or classroom's learning goals. These sessions can be as brief as a "lunch and learn" or single class or run from 1-3 days to an entire school semester.

To discuss workshop, training, or instruction possibilities, contact Margaret at or call 804-514-5898.

          Margaret Roller