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Testimonials & Clients

"You are an amazing consultant who goes beyond service delivery and who actually cares intensely about her work and its contribution to the larger good."

"I just have to say what a pleasure it is to work with you. I am
inspired by your professionalism and dedication."

"You are to be commended on your recent research investigation. Being a fairly new and complex technology, the research design
issues were not necessarily that simple and straight-forward. You produced a top-quality piece of research to everyone's satisfaction."

"Your report is well researched, contains fine synthesis and
analysis, includes recommendations that are right on target, and provides lots of food for thought."

"I want to thank you for conducting the research for us. I think
these are the best focus groups I have heard concerning [our organization]. The research provided me with much insight."

"Please accept our sincere appreciation for the excellent job you
did on our client survey. The execution of the idea required courage on our part and quality professional expertise on yours."

"Your qualitative research really showed us what to do to get our messages out to customers. Customers are actually calling us to say how much they like the new [bill] format."

"Thank you for your firm's outstanding effort in conducting our
recent customer and employee research surveys. I'm looking
forward to working with you next year in order to ascertain our
level of success in the further development of customer and
employee relationships."

Since 1981, Margaret Roller has satisfied the research needs of the world's most demanding organizations. These sponsors understand the benefits of a positive client-researcher relationship and have reaped the rewards of efficient, accurate, and actionable research.

Margaret Roller has served a broad base of clients covering a wide spectrum of categories.

Academic, Government, Nonprofit, & Professional

Communications & Technology

Energy Industry

Home Improvement


          Margaret Roller